How I conquered hormonal imbalance and infertility


I had doubts if I should write about such a personal topic on my blog. But in the last months and years I had so many conversations with women dealing with the same problems that I was facing, that I felt I had to share my  journey. If it is too much personal stuff I totally understand that and it is okay if you stop reading here.

For many, many years having a baby was just not on my mind. I had a stressful and time consuming job and a baby would have just not fitted into my lifestyle. To be honest I even had doubts if I would ever want to have children.

Eventually and thankfully my mind changed and after my husband and I got married we felt it could be the right time for a little fella. So I came off the pill and was euphorically looking forward to getting pregnant with our child.

BUT NOTHING HAPPENED. Not only did I not get pregnant, I did not get my period at all. First I was not concerned and thought that my body just needs some time to adjust. After one year (!!!) had passed and still nothing changed, my gynecologist wanted to check my hormones. A test he took showed that I  had a hormonal imbalance and his advice was that I should take a daily small dose of cortisone.

For this was not an option for me, my husband and I went to a fertility clinic to get a second opinion. The clinic doctor wanted to put me on some medication to stimulate my body to ovulate, but I told her that I don’t want any meds and asked her for a natural approach to support my body to get back to balance. But she told me there was no effective way to do that.  I couldn’t believe that and told her that I will research and try some natural healing techniques myself and give my body six months to heal. If I am not successful I would come back. The doctor told me that it is my choice but she made very clear to me that she doesn’t believe that I will succeed.

The next weeks and months I researched my ass off the topic on how to cure hormonal imbalance and it turned out there was a lot of information out there. One website that I found extremely helpful was by herbalist Hethir Rodriguez. It gives so much valuable information on all kind of infertility problems and how you can support your body naturally. I also loved the book “Womens’s bodies, women’s wisdom” by Dr. Christiane Northrup that is totally brilliant and deals with every health issue a woman’s body can be faced with. I also found lots and lots of other books and websites that dealt with the topic. Based on my research I put together my very own personal fertility plan that incorporated the following.

1. Detoxing my body

Swallowing the pill for so many years can be very hard on the liver because she is the organ that has to detoxify all the synthetic hormones that come with it. Besides that she has to deal with the xenoestrogens that are in our food (pesticides!), in our cosmetic products, in our plastic water bottles, etc.  So the first thing I did on my fertility journey was cleansing the liver with some detoxifying herbs to get excess hormones out of my system. I also took care of not getting more into my system, which meant buying only organic fruits and vegetables, switching to  natural beauty and skin products and skipping plastic water bottles for glass ones.

2. Nurturing my body with whole foods

As I am loving healthy foods, this was easy for me to incorporate. I  made sure that I pimped up my morning smoothie with fertility superfoods, such as good omega 3 fats like in hemp and chia, maca root (a root very well know for it’s power of balancing hormones) and royal jelly. Hethir Rodriguez has made a great video about it here. I also ate a lot of raw foods and even made a one month raw food detox (after that month I got pregnant, of course I can’t prove that was the “magic trick”, but I am just saying…).

3. Letting go of my negative emotions

Anger, anxiety, hatred and frustration cause stress in the body and can contribute to hormonal imbalance as well. But so often we are stuck in negative emotions not knowing what this does to our health. It is important to learn to let go of them and to forgive people that hurt you. The same goes for forgiving yourself if you have done something to somebody in your life. Carrying guilt around with you can be just as toxic for you.  Of course, this is not easy. I held on to a lot of anger and frustration from my teenage years, which I knew about, but didn’t know how to deal with that. What helped me was to write a letter to a person that hurt me in the past, to express how he or she made me feel and to write down that I forgive them. I never intended to send the letter out for real, but this was not the point. The intention was writing it all out of my system until, at the end, I could let go and be in peace with the past. 

4. Supporting my body with yoga

Yoga over all has a positive effect on the endocrine system and therefor helps with hormonal imbalance. Also, there is a specific Hormonal Yoga technic that was  invented for women dealing with meno pause by the Brasilian Yoga instructor Dinah Rodrigues. When Dinah had a study done on this specific Yoga style it showed that it is also very effective for women dealing with infertility, PCOS and over all hormonal imbalances. Dinah wrote a book about Hormonal Yoga and there is also a DVD out, both to find in her webshop.

5. Allowing a baby into my life

You might have heard  of the book “The Secret”, it was THE New Age bestseller for years and years, but it is also very controversial and not everybody is a fan of it. I haven’t read it myself, but I have read a book that deals with a similar topic, called  “Law of Attraction” (for my German readers: “Das Gesetz der Anziehung”) written by Michael J. Losier. It is a quick but life changing read and teaches you how to attract positive things into your life with a very simple technic. I think it is brilliant and every school kid should learn this to understand how powerful our mind can be. Although I only read the book just a few months ago, when I wanted to get pregnant I basically, out of instinct, did what the book is teaching and concentrated my mind on being a mother, meditating over it and imagining myself with my child and how wonderful it would be. This might be to woo-woo for some very down to earth people, but hey, this is what I did…

If one thing, all things together or just pure luck led to my dream come true… We will never know. All I know is that I am blessed with the best boy in the world and I am glad I trusted my gut and believed I had the power to get my body back to balance.

I want to make clear I am not against seeking for medical help and I know a lot of couples that conceived a child through the help of modern medicine. This was just not an option for me at that point and I personally wanted to try a natural way. Unfortunately there are a lot of couples out there desperately trying to conceive. My heart goes out to everyone of them and I hope that they will be guided to the right approach that fits for them.

Sending my love out to you all.


* I am not a doctor and this article is based on my personal experiences. If you have any problems with infertility or hormonal imbalance, please talk to your doctor or natural health professional. 

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