Things I’m loving this season aka blogger babes and hungry caterpillars

Summer is always exciting in our house because there are tons of birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate. But this time it got even more overwhelming with the news that we had to move out of our beautiful apartment because our landlady needed it for herself. My first reaction: panic! If you are familiar with the real estate situation in Cologne you will understand. The market is just empty and I know people who searched almost years to find a place. I was sure we would end up living in our car (yes, I tend to get hysterical at times and I promise I am working on this issue). But then literally a miracle happened (thank you, universe!) and we found a new home in two (!!!) days. I bet we could apply for the Guinness World Record with this. I love the new place, we have more space and we can use the huge garden attached to the house where even two goats, Felix and Lisa, are living. A heaven for the little one. Life taught me once again: Everything’s gonna be alright, Baby!

So, besides packing and unpacking moving boxes, this is what I was up to this Summer.

What I watch: This season there were some movies I have been quite impressed with. “The Fault in our Stars” was definitely one of them, the film version of one of my favorite books of all time. I wrote about it in this post. Although I read the book first, I wasn’t at all disappointed by the movie. The two main characters are so sweet, especially Shailene Woodley as Hazel is stunning. We went to the movie with four girls and I can tell you there was weeping, sobbing and shoulders trembling uncontrollably.

I can not explain why I missed “Wolf of Wallstreet” when it was out in cinemas, because it is the coolest and craziest movie ever and has one of my all-time favorite actors in it. Wow! This movie is just like you are on drugs for three hours. Leo, what can I say? Can anybody please give him this damn Oscar already??? I was always Team Leo and will always be. For me it was  outrageous that he didn’t win the award for his mind-blowing performance in Gilbert Grape  years ago and he would have deserved it so many times after that. And now this movie… If you haven’t seen it I beg you to rent it NOW. It is epic.

What I hear: Some weeks ago I walked into a store and there was an awesome song playing that was kind of familiar to me but I couldn’t figure out where I knew it from. Shazam told me it was Simple Song by The Shins and Google told me I know it from the “How I met your Mother” episode where the mother was introduced. The tune is so catchy and the perfect running track.

Another track I love to death at the moment is Artifice by Sohn. I was introduced to him by my good ol’ friend Ranija who I visited in Berlin in July. We know each other since almost 25 years and we always had a very similar and freakin’ awesome taste for music and Ranija was my mix tape goddess in my late teenage years. So, some things never change and a quarter of a century later she still has the best advice in gorgeous tunes. Big kiss to Berlin, my Dear. You rock!

What I read: I love love love the Slomo Blog by Okka Rohd. This girl’s writing is like a cozy sweater vest on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Her articles are almost poetic, so pretty and eloquent. Besides finding beautiful words she is a queen in recommendations about movies, tv shows and books. When I need some input in these areas Okka’s blog is the first place I turn to. It is where I found “Fault in our Stars” in the first place (see above). This time I followed Okka’s advice on reading “Stoner“, a book about a farmer’s Son that goes off to university to study agronomy and ends up falling in love with literature and becoming a professor himself. The story is very quiet and also somewhat depressing because the protagonist is more like an anti-hero, a decent man who has to deal with a long list of disappointments in his life. But don’t be fooled. Stoner’s tragic figure with his love and devotion for poetry will touch your heart and soul. This book goes deeeeeeeeeeeeep.

What I wear: As you might know I am all in for organic, toxic-free beauty products. My latest find is the Teint Refresh Cream by I+M. This face cream smells divine and gives me the glow. Plus, I+M is the coolest company, all hundert percent natural ingredients, vegan and not tested on animals. The texture is light and perfect for the warmer season.

What I eat: For we haven’t got a kitchen yet in our new place I really try to keep it simple with my meals. For we at least got our Vitamix, it is mostly smoothies and home made ice-cream like the one in this post. I can’t wait when the kitchen is finally here and I can throw on the oven to try some new recipes like this and this. Yum!

The one time it got really fancy was when my husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Amsterdam. We visited the gorgeous and outstanding De Kas restaurant. It is located in a park and for “De Kas” means “greenhouse” they grow most of their own food. Plus they have the prettiest location, the nicest staff and serious food porn going on.


What inspires me: I love city trips to get new inspirations and perspectives on things. This season I was lucky to take a trip to Berlin to visit the Blogcademy where I learned everything about blogging from the three goddesses Gala Darling, Shauna Haider and Kat Williams. Theses ladies are just badasses in their business and gave me more input than I could have wished for. Plus I got to meet other lovely blogger babes to chat, laugh and brainstorm with.

Me with my sparkly ears we all got in our Blogcademy goodie bags


The other trip I took was to lovely Amsterdam where I had two days with my man to relax from our moving days and get the mind fresh for new ideas and build up energy for my upcoming projects I have planned.

The Number One Highlight this season: My little man turning 2 (oh my, where has the time gone?) and seeing him growing into this funny, gentle, loving and goofy little person. He makes my heart sing. We arranged a garden party for him with this lovely cake, inspired by one of his favorite books “The very hungry Caterpillar“, which I also loved as a kid.


So, now I am curious what you where up to the last weeks and months. Do you have any awesome finds you like to share? I would be thrilled to read them in the comments below.

Butterflies and sunflowers, Anu.

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