Things I am loving this season aka Groupie in yoga pants


The sentence above could be my motto for this spring. I am practicing self care big time by cutting out the excuses from my vocabulary. So I put on my running shoes and go outside, roll out the yoga mat and do the downward dog, throw on the Vitamix in the morning to fix my green smoothie,  meet people I miss, book events  I want to attend and plan trips I want to take. The flow is flowing, the heart is singing, the girl is doing.  I feel better than I did in months simply by doing things instead of procrastinating.

What I watch: The longest love of my life lasts for about 22 years already. The love for the British band The Smiths and  especially for their lead singer Morrissey. When it comes to Morrissey I turn into an insane groupie girl, worse than a Justin Bieber fan, I swear! His music, his voice and his charisma just blow me away (and the facts that he is still super hot AND an animal activist do the rest).  “There is a light that never goes out” was, is and will always be my favorite song of all time and shall be played at my funeral one (far far away) day. So, when a friend of mine told me about the documentary “The importance of being Morrissey” and that you can watch the whole thing on youtube I really couldn’t hold myself together. I have seen it three times already and cannot get enough of it and HIM! The documentary is from the year 2002 and I have no clue how it has been kept a secret from me for such a long time. Even if you are not a fan it is really, really worth watching because  you’ll understand what makes Morrissey so special as an artist and why he is a living icon and a legend already. Love it!

What I wear: When you are a mother of a very active 21 months old toddler who loves you to do animal imitations, crawling down on the floor, roaring like a lion and chasing him through the whole living room, you have one hell of a desire for comfortable clothes. So I came up with an in my eyes genius solution: wearing yoga clothes for every occasion!  The clothes are not only comfy but are most of the times made of organic fabrics and produced under fair conditions. Win-Win all over. A few weeks ago I discovered a new Yoga shop in Cologne that turned me in a yoga fashion victim in the blink of an eye. It is called OmInside and is owned by the super adorable Daniela Sauerwald. I bought two pants there (check them out here and here) that I totally love.  I wear them with sneakers and a jeans jacket for my everyday outfit. And when I am up for some drinks with my girls, I combine them with high heels and a fancy top and I am ready for a gorgeous, glittering evening. 

What I hear: If you are not a German reader you might not have heard of the band Milky Chance. It is a duo of two young German boys from Kassel who became famous over the internet. 2012 they uploaded their first song on youtube and achieved almost 800.000 views in one year. Their first single “Stolen Dance” has almost 30 (!!!) million views so far.  To remain their creative freedom they founded an own record label with some friends and released their first album Sadneccessary in 2013. My friend Christina played it all the time when we were in South Africa together and I was totally hooked and have it on loop since then. It rarely happens that I love every song from one album, but this is totally the case here. If I had to pick a favorite I would probably pick  “Sweet Sun“. Such a sexy tune…

What I read: Okay, this is a big statement I am about to make now.  I will recommend a book to you  that is one of the best I have EVER read. Seriously! “The fault in our stars” (für meine deutschen Leser: “Das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verräter“) is a masterpiece. I was so moved by the two main characters Hazel and Augustus and their bitter sweet love story, laughed, cried and grieved with them and tried to read slower and slower towards the end because I didn’t want this story to end. Please don’t be repelled by the books topic that is roughly about two teenagers who suffer from cancer. I swear it is so so much more than a story about a deadly disease. The book is actually a celebration of life and love in their imperfection. It is so deep and true, funny, sad and wonderful. If you just read one more book this year, it should be this one.

What I eat: Berries, berries, berries and more berries. My favorite fruit season is here and I am making the most of it. It is berries in our house every day. The little one just discovered his passion for strawberries and would eat 10 kilos in one sitting if I would let him. I whip up some caramel dip I already told you about in this post and the happy berry feast is on.


What I dream about: My happy place Ses Covetes on Mallorca where I will be back soon, the Blogcademy I will be attending in July where I will meet one of my blog goddesses Gala Darling and spend a  long weekend  in Berlin all on my own without my little boy for the first time – both scary and exciting.

What are you doing to make you happy and give yourself a treat this season? Let me know in the comments below.

With much love, Anu.