Things I am loving this season

Hello Lovelies!

Yes, I am back. What a freakin’ awesome time I had is almost indescribable.

Once again it became clear to me that South Africa just is THE place for me. When I am there I am happy and at peace. So I am burning to share with you my travel experiences, especially how it went with our little one (let me say just this: he was totally awesome and relaxed to travel with).

But before I do that, here is a new series of “Things I am loving this season”, because today I realized, Winter is almost over (yay!) and I have to hurry with this post. So let’s begin…

Chasing away the post-holiday Winter blues with these lovely french tulips I got at the market yesterday


What I hear: Before we went to South Africa we watched the most touching documentary “Searching for Sugarman“, a movie about an amazing singer / songwriter from the Seventies, called Sixto Rodriguez, who only sold about six records in the US, but magically came to big, big success in South Africa. He was even more famous there than Elvis. I don’t want to give to much away, but the story blew my mind. So if you haven’t seen this masterpiece yet, I beg you to and let me know what you think about it. It is out on DVD already.

Anyway, totally flashed by the movie and the beautiful music of Rodriguez I have been listening to his album for weeks and it became the soundtrack of my holiday. My favorite song is Like Janice.

What I wear: I have been looking up and down for a warm winter coat without down feathers, because of THIS. Not an easy task. In the end I had to decide between a very cool hemp coat by the dutch company Hoodlamp and one by Sessun. I actually liked the idea behind the hemp coat better, because I love hemp and I think it is the most underestimated material on the planet (read more about it’s versatile uses here) but this time the style won over innovation and I went for the Sessun one. It just looks so gorgeous, has a lovely dark green color and so far it is keeping me perfectly warm, although I believe it wouldn’t take like minus 10 degrees. But luckily this year the temperatures didn’t hit Sibirian levels so far.

And when it comes to what I wear on my skin and in my hair, I went a little crazy in South Africa, because I discovered a shop in Cape Town where they have all this natural beauty products, organic food, yoga clothes etc. A heaven for an eco-chick like me. I bought so many great products, but one of my favorite finds is the brand Badger Balm, that has an awesome non-toxic sunscreen, that doesn’t leave you all white like Caspar the friendly ghost and a hair oil that is totally to die for.

What I eat: Just one day after our arrival home our blender broke. Normally that wouldn’t be a good thing BUT this meant I could FINALLY get the Vitamix, the blender I dream about for years. If you don’t know the Vitamix you might assume now that I am a very crazy lady that dreams about kitchen equipment. But if you are a little into healthy and raw foods and love making smoothies, raw desserts or nut butters like me, you totally know why I am going crazy about this machine. It definitely is the Ferrari under all blenders (2 peak horsepower motor!) and just gets it all done. So since it arrived just a few days ago it is all smoothies and raw cuisine in  this house. I will keep you updated with my Vitamix romance and will post my favorite recipes in the near future (I don’t want to get uber excited but I am even thinking about doing a little video…).

What I read: The prefect match for my new Vitamix is the gorgeous Superfoods book by Peter and Beryn Daniel I discovered in South Africa. It has tons of simple and yummy raw recipes and I can’t wait to try a whole lot of them, especially the hemp cheese! The book is beautifully designed and illustrated and you can tell the authors put a lot of love and effort into it.


Another read I can highly recommend to all you suspense junkies out there is “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. Did this book keep me up at night, I can tell you. This might be one of the best psychological thrillers I have ever read and I read a lot of them, trust me. It is not the bloody stuff I normally dig but the way Flynn tells this story, through two first-person narrators, is really really intriguing and you are sucked up into their love (hate-) story from page One. Love it!

What I dream about: Summer, sun, going barefoot, picnic in the park, the next holiday in South Africa, having  more me-time, taking a raw food class, sharing my love for raw food with others, having time to get all the projects done that whirl around in my brain and want to be brought to life.

So, dear readers, what kept you sane through the Winter? Leave a comment below.

A lovely, blissful weekend to you all.


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