Why my new year’s resolution is never to go on a diet again

A fabulous, blissful, adventurous, rockin’ 2014 to you all!

How has your new year been so far? Did you make new year’s resolutions? Did you stick to them so far? Or did you already cheat or fall off the wagon?

I don’t want to tease you. Actually, I have a long, long list of resolutions I didn’t follow through myself. Most of them had to do with us women favorite topic: weight. Sometimes you label it “eating healthier” or “exercising” more. But let’s be honest: It always comes down to losing weight. “When I lose these 5 pounds my life will change miraculously. And I will finally FINALLY be happy and love myself.”

We women are so obsessed with this topic, we think about it way more  often than about getting hot and steamy with our man. Isn’t that a shame?

How about this year making a different resolution like: I WILL NEVER GO ON A DIET AGAIN!



I can literally see your shocked faces. Listen, I don’t want to bore you with the long list of diets I have tried so far, but believe me: I am an expert in dieting. I tried every damn thing and even if I lost some weight temporarily it didn’t make me feel great, I just thought, I could lose even more pounds and I still didn’t like my body. So why is that?

I talked about the concept of the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte before in this post. It simplified means that behind every goal you want to achieve stands a feeling you want to feel with achieving this goal.

So ask yourself: What do I really want to achieve by losing weight?
You maybe want to feel sexy, energetic, vibrant, blissful, free, fit.
But a diet doesn’t make you feel this way. It most of the time keeps you hungry, deprived, miserable and guilty if you fall off the wagon, right?

Here is a secret: Eating healthy is not about deprivation and you shouldn’t want to do it because of losing weight but because your body is a temple, the home of your beautiful soul and it deserves the best fuel possible. When I discovered my love for real foods, all my weight loss problems solved themselves. I can say that I finally have a body I really like.

Cut through the chase, these are the things that helped me learn to love healthy food, be energetic, feel good in tight jeans finally again and apparently…lose some weight. *

1. Quitting diets
Like I wrote before, diets don’t give me the feeling I want and definitely not the results on the long run. Never again!!!

2. Reading labels
I don’t buy food with a list of E-numbers and other stuff I never heared of.

3. Visiting farmer’s markets
Seeing, feeling, experiencing real food. Fresh, colorful and vibrant. That is what my body really needs.

4. Finding inspiring people
What really works wonders for me is to see awesome people cooking and eating awesome healthy food. There are tons of great food blogs out there and it makes me just happy reading them and knowing a healthy lifestyle is for rockstars, too. My personal favorites are My New Roots & Green Kitchen Stories. Green Kitchen Stories also have a cookbook and two amazing apps with the greatest yummy food inspirations.

5. Getting partners on my team
It is always easier to make changes if you are not alone. If you have a partner tell him you would like to try out some recipes together and make a weekly romantic cooking dinner session. My brave plans for 2014 for example are to cook a recipe from one of  my favorite food apps every week with my hubby. You could also ask your girls if they would like to join a monthly healthy pot luck or  you could all join a whats app group and send each other pics every day of your meals as a motivation / inspiration.

6. Starting off simple
I get overwhelmed easily so in the beginning I picked one meal of the day, breakfast, to always be healthy. Throwing together a smoothie or a bowl of chia pudding or oat meal is super simple, even for me.  Anybody can make small simple changes NOW. Don’t procrastinate.

7. Planning my meals
I am  more likely to make unhealthy choices if I come home exhausted with an empty fridge and no clue what to cook. Kris Carr has a great meal planner on her website. You go through blogs or cookbooks, make a list, shop, cook a lovely dinner, take leftovers to work. Tadaa!

8. Eating the rainbow
Different colors in fruits and veggies mean different nutrients, so I like to eat as much (natural) colors as possible.

9. Getting my greens
Leafy green vegetables are so underestimated I don’t even know where to start praising them. They are filled with chlorophyll that is very similar to the haemoglobin in our blood. It oxygenates our body, balances us, gives us energy, lets us glow from the inside out. Letting greens be my friends was one of the best changes ever in my diet. For more inspiration check out the Boutenkos website, they are the Gods of green smoothies and have tons of information why greens are so awesome.

10. Substituting the bad with the good
Replacing the nasty stuff with healthier versions is a great trick and helped me big time. Instead of white refined sugar I use maple syrup, honey or coconut sugar, for white pasta I now often make zucchini pasta and I learned to make the best decadent raw desserts for when my sweet tooth says HELLO. I love this easy way of substituting so much, I am thinking about dedicate a whole post to it in the near future.

So, now I want to know from you how your attitude towards dieting is. How do you feel when you are on a diet? Did you actually lose weight permanently and what does a healthy body image look like for you? Leave a comment below.

* You will now and then hear me talk about detoxing or fasting, which I do on a regular basis. This is not to be confused with a diet. I don’t do that because I want to lose weight but because I want to bring my body back into balance and cleanse.

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