What 2013 was all about



This is the third time I am rewriting this post.

It is not that I am out of words or anything. My brain is full of stuff that wants to be said. SO MUCH STUFF.

2013 was so awesome in so many ways that I could go on and on and on. But lets face it. You are probably all getting dressed already for the big last night in this year, so I will just sum it all up in one word, what 2013 has been for me. Ready? Drum rolls!


On so many levels. There was first of all growing into “Mummy” of course. An adventure on it’s own and something that will never get boring.

I still can see my son before me this year in January, so so tiny and dependent of me and now he is already such a big boy, discovering his world, always in action, with his own hilarious sense of humor (where do they learn this from in such an early age???). I know, it is cheesy saying it, but watching him grow is like watching a miracle in action.

Thanks to some awesome writers like Eckhart Tolle, Gabrielle Bernstein or Pam Grout my spirit opened up for conscious living, self love and even quantum physics and I have the feeling this all set the ground stones for even more wonderful crazy things for the future.

This year was about expanding. DREAMING BIG. What is possible? Everything! Had I thought just one year before that as a new Mum I would invest in myself, join Marie Forleo’s mind blowing B School, launch my own blog? Having people actually reading it and finding it helpful? No! But all this happened and I am still flashed by all this. It makes me so damn excited for 2014 and the things that await me.

So I want to thank all of you lovely brilliant sparkling readers for being part of this past, present and future journey of mine. And I leave you for today with a soundtrack of my 2013.

Have an awesome party. But before you go: What word describes your 2013 best? I am burning to know. Leave a comment below.

Sincerely yours, Anu.

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