My Healthy Travel Tips

Today is a super exciting day – we are flying to Barcelona.
Traveling is one of my favorite things in the world and I am always nervous like crazy days before, but this time it is even more thrilling.

It is the first time we are visiting the city where last year in August our baby was born unexpected and three months early. It was a very tough time for us, with a lot of worrying and scary days. What was the hardest thing was being so far from home, without family and friends. We had to stay in Barcelona for 8 weeks and although everything was quiet hard and exhausting, we learned to love this beautiful city, even more because it is the birth place of our son.

So, today we will be back and I am a little nervous what kind of emotions and memories will hit me. But I am also very very happy and am looking forward to show our son his city, visit the hospital to say thank you again to the wonderful staff there and of course go to the places where my husband and I spent the little time outside the hospital. First off our favorite eat out places, like Kiosko with the best veggie burger, Gocce di Latte with the surely world best ice cream, Teresa Carles, a beautiful vegetarian restaurant  and Makamaka Café with it’s cool surfer vibe.

When you read this you could wonder if I just eat on vacation 🙂

Well, I love food and I have a lot of favorite must go places in the cities I travel to. And, although I am a health nut, not all these places are super, super healthy. Some, but not all of them. But what is life without the occasional heavenly ice cream, right? Especially if you know you can get one of the best ice creams of the planet.

Traveling, like life in general, should never be about deprivation, but balance.
So, to balance out the yummy treats I am giving me, I also look after myself on vacation and take a few things with me to keep me healthy and happy. Over time I have created my routine before and while traveling and love sharing it with you today. Enjoy!

On the picture from left: My superfood travel sizes of Spirulina and Green Powder from Health Force, packed hemp seeds, carob powder, brazil nuts, dates, my immersion blender with jar. Add avocado and banana and I am good to go!


1. Homework
This is essential BEFORE the big trip: I do my homework. On the internet you find all the information you need about your destination. As I am eating vegetarian, the website is the place for me to check out veggie friendly restaurants all over the world. But you can also find health food stores here.

When we went to Mallorca last year I found a wonderful organic market over the web where we bought our greens for the daily smoothies.

2. Snacks
I think most people will agree that food on a plane is hardly food. No surprise there! So better be prepared and bring your own snack. Something that is convenient. Of course, you can’t bring selfmade smoothies or juices because no liquids are allowed. But anything else is fine. Cut up veggies with a dip, fruits like bananas, apples, dates etc. Avocados are life saving. Nuts, trail mixes, selfmade sandwiches with dark bread, hummus or avocado. Get creative!

3. Small and light kitchen helpers
Of course it is a little bit inconvenient to pack your heavy blender or food processor. But a small immersion blender saved our life in Spain and it was totally enough making our smoothies with banana, spinach and avocado every day. I also like to take a peeler and a good knife (not in hand luggage!), and I can prep a healthy meal nearly everywhere.

4. Superfoods
Superfoods give you the extra kick when you are on the road and can be added to nearly everything.
I love to take hemp seeds, chis seeds, spirulina, green powders and raw cacao or carob powder. So I can give a smoothie or a soup the even healthier twist.

5. Local Food
Get inspired by the destination itself. So when you are in a warm and tropical climate enjoy the wide variety of fruits you can enjoy. Always check out what’s local and in season.

6. Friendly Requests 
If you are at a place where there is literally nothing healthy I will always ask for the side dishes. Nearly every restaurant can fix some steamed veggies or a pumpkin or potato soup for you.You see, it is not as hard as you think to stay healthy on the road. Do you have any healthy travel routines? Do you pack snacks?Leave your comment below.

Goosebumps and giggles, Anu.


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