Things I am loving this season

Dear Lovelies,

I hope, you all have a great Autumn so far.

Today I am excited to introduce a new series on my blog. From now on I will share with you the things that I am loving at the different seasons.

So, here we go…


What I hear: The song “Dirty Paws” by Of Monsters and Men is constantly playing on my iphone at the moment. I heared it the first time in this opener of “Das Supertalent”, the German version of “Britain’s got talent”. I hardly watch any television these days but the opener is beautifully made for conventional TV I have to admit and it made me so curious I watched the whole first episode.

What I wear: Cold, windy weather outside and dry heating air inside isn’t the best combination for glowing skin. Fortunately I discovered this amazing cream from marie w. It has a divine creamy consistency, smells so good and consists of just three natural ingredients: royal shea butter, gold and vanilla. I use it for my face, dry skin areas, my hair, lips and baby’s skin also. So in love with this product.

What I eat: Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin… It is just the same thing every Autumn: I go crazy over this wonderful vegetable and eat it in any variation: as soup, as baked chips, in salads, in smoothies, in porridge, you get the idea. So I am always thankful for new recipe inspirations with my orange veggie friend. Luckily lovely Kris Carr just had a wonderful post about the yummiest pumpkin recipes. Check it out!

What I am reading: For years the only books I read were thrillers, the bloodier the better. In the last months I neglected my passion for psychopaths a little bit for books about nutrition, pregnancy, parenting and conscious living. But now it was time for some good old crime. I am a big fan of Cody McFadyen and his Smoky Barrett-books and I already read two of them before, they were super creepy and therefor awesome! At the moment I am reading the third episode and it is also a very good and entertaining read. Goosebumps guarantee for dark cold Autumn evenings.

What I dream about: I am totally diggin’ the raw food lifestyle, even though I am not 100% raw. But I love to get inspired by other people and adore the couple Matt and Angela with their daughter Oria from the Raw Food World. I have been watching their videos on youtube for a while now and freaked out about their announcement that they are planning raw retreats on their beautiful land in Ecuador. The trailer looks so amazing and it is just what I have in mind for my getaway next year when baby has weaned.

What are you enjoying this season? Leave a comment below.

Sunshine and pumpkins, Anu.

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