The best one ingredient ice cream ever

Boy, do I have a recipe for you…

Just one word: ice cream!

Since I discovered this recipe, we have ice cream here in our home every time of the day, even in the morning.

Now those of you who read my last post will think somethings wrong with me, as I wrote there, that our baby hadn’t tried any sweets yet, including ice cream. Was I lying? Well, the ice cream I am talking about is not the ordinary store bought sugar loaded kind and can be enjoyed even by the little ones.

The recipe has everything I love:

It is quick, easy, healthy, sweet and creamy and you only need one ingredient.

Plus it is vegan and even raw. BAM!

When my husband, the ultimate ice cream junkie and skeptical expert, tasted it, he couldn’t believe what it consists of.

So, what’s the one ingredient?

Drumroll please…


Yes, as simple as that:

You cut up ripe bananas and freeze them, put them in a food processor and process them until they get a wonderful creamy consistency. You may have to scrape down the sides a few times and if you have such a strong freezer as I do I would recommend letting the bananas thaw just a bit before processing so the machine doesn’t give up. But that’s it.

ice cream

Of course, from this base you can get creative as you want. I like it best just plain with a little bit of cinnamon and vanilla. But you can add anything you like, from berries, cacao, coconut flakes, etc.

A big big thank you goes out to Choosing Raw, where I got inspired for this wonderful dessert by this post.

Last week things went a little crazy when I had some left over baked butternut squash that I pureed, mixed with the ice cream and added some hemp protein and dates for more sweetness.

The pumpkin ice mousse was born. So good and satisfying and baby approved.

You see that food doesn’t have to be unhealthy to be divine.

Try it out I beg you and tell me what you think about it.

What is your favorite healthy treat? Leave a comment below.

Love and rainbows, Anu.

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