10 things that will make my Autumn even better than my Summer

I am sitting here on my comfy couch, wearing two thick pairs of socks and my “I-need-a-cuddle” sweater, a cup of green tea beside me and the room lit with candles and the smell of the pumpkin soup I made for dinner. Yes, it is officially Fall, no doubt.

My heart is bleeding a little that Summer has gone, like a lost love that walked out the door without looking back at you. You can still feel it’s warmth, smell it’s sweet scent. It is still present but it also feels like ages that you said goodbye. You cry, you mourn, but one day you wake up and you realize that it’s presence is gone, you are free to move on.

The good thing about Summer in comparison to the lost love is, Summer comes back for sure. So it’s time to pull myself together, look Autumn in the eye and say “I am glad you’re here, my dear friend. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. Want a cookie?”

In fact when you think about it, there are a lot of things that actually are more joyful in Autumn than in Summer. No, really!

And as you know I love writing lists, so I thought I take a break from my foodblogging today and create a list with the lovely things I am looking forward to this season.



1. Attending bookclub meetings. This is the season of cuddling on the couch and reading all the books that have been neglected when you were drinking Hugo with your friends at the beach club. But why make reading a one man show? It is way more fun to share your favorite reads with people close to your heart. So four friends and me founded a book club. What is good enough for Oprah can’t be too shabby for me, right? Of course there is tasty food and one or two Chardonneys involved, so that the evenings are even closer to perfection. I can only highly recommend it.

2. Flying a kite. When was the last time you did this? I for myself can’t remember. But kites are so much fun, are a great way to force yourself outside on a grey windy day and make you feel like a happy 8-year-old. Maybe I will even get creative and build one of this DIY kites.

3. Getting a pedicure, anyway! Yes, my flip flops will stay in the closet for the next 7 to 8 months but this is no excuse to let my feet get all Hobbit-like. It is actually nice to do something for my body not because I have to but because I feel like I deserve it. So, an appointment at the beauty parlor is always a great idea, especially when it is gettin’ colder outside and I need a little pampering to set free the feel good hormones. My newest discovery is a facial massage with aroma oils. TO DIE FOR! There is no better and quicker way to get into super relax mode.

4. Going crazy at the farmer’s market. Lately I am a little addicted to farmer’s markets. Chatting with the vendors about the weather conditions and their beautiful tomatoes they are so proud of and getting new inspirations for cooking. Actually, the market is a place where I, the list nerd, go without a list and just see what speaks to me. At the moment I am going nuts over sorrel and love to eat it in my salad. And some of my favorite fruits and vegetables are harvested in Fall. I am talking pumpkins, figs, pomegranates, brussel sprouts, etc. It is just wonderful to choose from such an abundance of beautiful produce.

5. Cooking my soup for the soul. I think soup is just such an honest meal. It is super inexpensive, convenient and quickly thrown together and it can give you a warm and cosy feeling when everything is misty and foggy outside. Pumpkin is definitely my favorite, but I am also looking forward to carrot-apple-ginger, broccoli, turnip, beet and chestnut.

6. Going to the movies guilt free. The awesome thing about Autumn is that you don’t have to feel bad that you are sitting in a dark room with no windows while it is a hundred degrees outside and people are swimming, barbecuing and doing other outdoor stuff. No pressure to join in. So, of to the movie theater! Especially can’t wait to see THIS. Will Ferrell is just the best!

7. Getting all my christmas presents before chaos kicks in. Yes, I know, christmas is still three months away and like every year I tell myself I have tons of time gettin’ all the christmas shopping done. Yeah, right. And then, like every year, I rush out two days before the event and get some stuff that nobody really needs. But not so this year! No, Sir. From now on I keep my eyes and ears open when my lovelies talk about their wishes and desires and then I will go to the empty town and shops before the madness in December begins. What a hell of a plan. I will keep you updated how this has turned out.

8. Planning sunny trips. Autumn and Winter are much more bearable when you have a sunny trip looking forward to. This year I am a very very lucky girl, because I have even two of these highlights coming up, Barcelona and South Africa. So when I tend to fall into an Autumn depression I can always make some travel planning and daydreamin’.

9. Moving my butt once a day. What should I say? Movement, especially outside, makes me a happier person. Whenever I am down and force myself outside for a run, I can feel the improvement instantly. So my goal is to get this body into action every day, even if it is just a quick walk with the baby or a 15 minutes Yoga session.

10. Decluttering aka gettin’ rid of all the stuff I don’t need. I have to much stuff. In my cupboards, in my closet, in my bookshelfs, everywhere. And I feel that all this stuff that I bought once to make me happy feels more and more like a burden. We shop and hoard all these things because we think it makes us feel better about ourselves. Okay, maybe it does, for a minute, an hour or a day. But then? It is just stuff added to other stuff. And we search for the next thing that brings us this millisecond of joy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to get rid off all my possessions and live as a hermit in the woods (although this could be a cool self-awarness trip). But lately I realized that step by step my consumer behavior is changing. I don’t buy every jeans in sale just because I think this is the deal of a lifetime. I always ask myself at least twice: “Do I really need this? Will I like / wear this in one year from now? Is it a product of high quality that will last for years, not months?” So, less stuff is coming in and I also began to get more stuff out and continue to do with another garage sale next month and some donations to charity. What a relief, I can tell you.

So, now I am curious what you are looking forward to this Fall. Do you have any vacations planned? Any big events coming up for you? A concert of your favorite band or an exhibition of an artist you love? Leave a comment below.

Sincerely, Anu.

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