The August Break 2013 – Day Twentyeight

For the topic “smell” I chose to make a pic of my favorite perfume. Actually I banned “normal” perfumes from my beauty bag a long time ago. They just give me a headache and often there are a lot of nasty ingredients inside.
But woman wants to smell good, right?
So, I rediscovered Karma, a perfume by Lush, which I not only admire for the pretty name.
About 10 years ago I was already crazy for this fragrance and always bought it on my trips to London.
Nowadays we have Lush over here in Germany, too and I respect the company, first and formost for their engagement in animal rights and environmental issues.
And some months ago I discovered their solid perfumes and with them my old and beloved Karma.
So now I put some on when I want to feel extra woohoo!!! Just a really sexy smell, I tell ya.