The August Break 2013 – Day Nine

It’s raining again…
Switzerland has been grey since we arrived, but I actually kind of like it because we just stayed at our friends home and been lazy.
We went through magazines and the cookbook we bought them as a present. It is called “Vegan for fit” and it’s from the German author Attila Hildmann. The book is quite popular at the moment, a lot of people try out his 30 Day Vegan Challenge he has in the book and have great success with it.
So we made some recipes yesterday and they were all awesome.
This is a pic of the backed veggies and tofu cubes with artichoke-yoghurt dip.


As a missed my post of the blog challenge yesterday, here is also my belated pic with the topic “self portrait”. Me on our friends couch, my favorite place at this very moment 🙂