The food that changed my life

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a confession to make. I am obsessed! No, really!

I am totally and one hundred percent obsessed with… Writing lists.

To do lists, shopping lists, packing lists for vacation, and most important: little wish lists like “What I want to do till I am 40” or “What I want to accomplish in (add a year here)”

I know it’s nerdy, but making lists kind of grounds me. My brain is a constant chatter box, remembering, analyzing, recapitulating and I have the hardest time letting these thoughts go and not getting lost in them (I bet you all know what I am talking about).

I try hard to invite stillness into my life: meditation, yoga, conscious breathing, running, forgiving, etc.

But living in the moment, being fully present, like the great Eckhart Tolle would say, is tough and it is like a muscle you have to train every day. So one thing that helps me to feel calmer and getting stuff OUT of my head is writing it down.

One thing that is still on my wishlist for 2013 is to work with Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map. If you don’t know Danielle, you have to check out her website. She is a hot, eloquent author, speaker and soul sister and her newest project The Desire Map is just awesome. It helps you setting your goals for your life, but from a whole new perspective.

You may think that your goals are finding the right partner or the perfect job. But actually, like Danielle says, how you want to FEEL when achieving these things is your actual goal, like feeling worthy, sexy, beautiful, at peace, and so on.

And that changes the perspective dramatically. I can’t wait to get the Desire Map in my hands and work with this program.

I also love the idea because I think this whole concept also works with the food that we put into our body. We really have to ask ourselves: How do I REALLY want to feel?

Often we consume foods that make us feel sleepy, guilty, sick or even depressed.

We have to bring awareness to our meals and feel how the foods act in our body.

I had a big Aha-Moment myself when I did a raw food challenge for one month. I know what you think: “One month only eating raw foods? That’s insane!” And I thought that, too. But believe it or not. In this month I felt so energetic, clear and happy like I haven’t felt in years. The real insane part is, although I felt so good after this one month I fell back into my old eating habits. Of course! I am just human and habits do not change overnight. But something was different after this experience. Although I ate cooked foods again, I will now always remember this awesome feeling I had on raw foods. And I want it back. This feeling is my goal. And no matter how long it takes, I will do my best to achieve this goal. How I do it?

1. Eat more raw, living foods. Especially greens.

2. Make it easy and fun to consume this foods.

3. Start small and simple, one step at a time.

My BIG solution to start with: green smoothies! Yes, that’s right. Green and Smoothie go as perfectly together as Waldorf and Statler. They are not at all different from your normal smoothies, just throw in some spinach, lettuce or other leafy greens.

I can literally see you make a face and say: “No way I will throw leafs into my smoothie. She must have gone crazy.”

No, I am not crazy. I will even say that green smoothies have been a LIFECHANGER for me. I drink one in the morning and it gives me energy, bliss, minerals & vitamins and keeps me full until noon. Quick, easy, unexpensive. And no, they don’t taste green, you will just taste the fruit when you have the right ratio. Promise!

And by the way: My baby had this first green smoothie just today and he loved it so much and wanted more and more of it. So happy that he likes it just as much as I do.


Check out the website of the queen of green smoothies, Victoria Boutenko, for more infos and yummy recipes.

Throw on your blender and feel awesome!

Now I am curious to know which foods changed your life. Leave a comment below!

Sincerely yours, Anu.


P.S.: I want to seize this awesome weather we are having here in Germany, so I will take a break in August from writing posts. But no worries, there will still be a lot of content from me anyway, for I am joining “The August Break 2013” blog challenge, that Susannah Conway is hosting.

The August Break 2013

The challenge is to post one or more pictures each day or once a week, just for the fun and share it on your blog. My goal is to post a picture every day and of a certain topic. So stay tuned for some insights into my life the upcoming month.


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