5 foods you will always find in my kitchen

Dear sunshines,

among my friends I am known for being THE healthy eater. (Funny how things change, some years ago I was a legend for being the girl who can beat every guy in a burger eating challenge).
So some of my besties ask me now and then what they can do to eat healthier and look and feel better.

I know that it can be overwhelming sometimes when you start off to change your diet from standard to healthy, fresh and conscious, but it is not about doing all or nothing or being perfect. I like the idea of integrating new things more than to focus on what you cannot have, this would only lead to feeling deprived and frustrated, two things we don’t need in our life.

Start small and simple and one step at a time.

As an inspiration I want to present to you 5 inexpensive foods that you will always find in my personal kitchen and what to do with them.



1. Lemons: If life gives you lemons…say yeah! I know, most people wouldn’t flip out over this citrus fruit, but let me tell you, I adore the yellow little fellow. He always starts my day with me, squeezed in a glas of water. This boosts my immune system, hydrates and oxygenates me. The other cool things is, altough lemons taste sour, they actually have an alkalizing effect on the body. I use lemons in my salad dressings or drizzle it over some quinoa to give it a kick.

2. Avocados: Oh Avocado, how do I love thee! I could eat this fruit every day and concerning the almost 20 different vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients it contains this is a pretty good choice. I know that some people are scared of the avocado because of its fat content, but these fats are actually good for you and avocados might even help you lose weight (when you replace other fats with them) and enhance your beauty, because they are absolutely amazing for your skin.
And to all you out there trying to conceive, this could be interesting: even research shows that consuming avocados, together with other good fats like olive oil, can help you with fertility.
I have to say I actually give them a lot of credit for getting pregnant after trying for a very long time.
They are awesome in salads, in smoothies, on sprouted toast and as a very busy person and nursing Mom I like them as a quick and super nutritious snack with a dash of lemon and sea salt. Can’t live without these guys, seriously!

3. Bananas: We all know the old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but actually the health benefits of bananas outweigh those of the apple. The pro list is just endless: from improving your mood, stabilizing blood sugar or preventing calcium loss and building strong bones, the banana is the perfect health food. (Read about them more in this article)
Try to eat them when they already have some brown spots on them for this means they are easier digested. They are amazing in fruit salads and smoothies, or blend some frozen ones with berries or raw cacao to create super yummy icecream.
There won’t be a day in our house without bananas and if we run out of them I literally freak out.

4. Quinoa: Qui…what? Although Quinoa is getting more and more popular these days, not everyone is familiar with this little power pack. It looks like a grain but it’s a seed actually, making a great glutenfree alternative for a couscous styled salad. Vegetarians love it for being a complete protein, meaning it contains all essential amino acids, just like meat does. So it is the perfect food for all us plant lovers out there. Have it cooked in advance and store it in an airtight container in your fridge, then you have a no-brainer when you come home from work hungry: throw in some tomato, avocado, cucumber and herbs, maybe some pine nuts, drizzle some lemon over it, salt, pepper and Bam! There you have a perfect dinner. Unnecessary to say that there are one million variations to this, just be creative and let quinoa be your friend.

5. Dates: About two years ago you would have never found dates in my house. And especially not the fresh and juicy Medjool dates. But nowadays there is always a big bag of these totally sexy fruits on my kitchen drawer. Why? Well, dates are just like an aphrodisiac to me. They have a wonderful sweetness, and if you buy the right ones they are super soft and literally melt in your mouth. In the future you will hear me talk a lot about raw desserts, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT. They are the best discovery I made on my healthy eating journey. And for these treats dates are perfect. Blended with some nuts and ready is the base for your raw cakes. I also love them in the raw caramel dip I make that was inspired from this recipe by lovely Sarah B. from My new roots.
Other than that add dates to your porridge or muesli in the morning, blend some in your smoothie for sweetness or snack on them before you reach for the unhealthy chocolate bar.

I hope this was a little helpful to you. Now I would love to hear about your favorite foods, what do you always have in your kitchen and cannot live without? Leave a comment below!

Sincerely, Anu.

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