3 reasons I didn’t start this blog


Hello Lovelies,

Goosebumps, shivers of excitement, panic, fear, songs of joy and total bliss – these are all things I am feeling and experiencing as I am writing the words of my first blog post to you.

In these few lines I have to convince you that I am freakin’ awesome and that I have tons of important things to say. Easy peasy, right?


I have to be honest, I am not good at bragging about myself. So lets try the opposite. I tell you 3 reasons why I am totally NOT writing this blog and lets see if you get intrigued anyway…

1. Because I want to convert you to a vegetarian diet

You might have not noticed so far, because this is the first post on this blog, but I am a vegetarian. Actually I am eating mostly vegan food. I know that some people freak out when they hear the word vegan or vegetarian because they think there will be a lot of preachy stuff coming their way. You people, please relax! Everybody is welcome here, no matter what your diet consists of. Yes, when I’ll be posting recipes, they will be plant based and sure, there will be times when I will explain why I eat this way and what I think the benefits are. But that is just me. There will be no judgement if you choose to eat and live another way. This is all about inspiration. Just be open, that is all I am asking for…

2. Because I am bored

Although I am taking a break from my job as an author for television at the moment, I can not complain about having to much time and not knowing what to do with it. First of, I am taking a job break because I had my Baby in August 2012. Yes, that’s right, I am a Mummy! I am loving this new part of my life and try to consciously enjoy every moment of it. So as always when you are enjoying something time is flying and I cannot believe that next month we will already have a first birthday to celebrate in our house. Besides this, the days are filled with Yoga with Baby, Yoga without Baby, long walks, runs through the woods, improving my dance and singing skills while performing for Baby, date nights with my lovely husband, girls nights with my friends, BBQ’s, planning our big trip to South Africa next year, surfing the web for plant based cooking, green living and spiritual inspiration, kissing and tickling Baby (the giggles are to die for!), decluttering the house, garage sales, reading, breathing and practicing gratitude. Woo! Like I said, no boredom so far.

3. Because it is freakin’ cool to have a blog

Just not my thing. Believe me, I have never done stuff because it would have labeled me as cool. I have worn a red thick glasses for most of my childhood and I had a lifesize David Hasselhoff poster in my room when I was 12. So no coolness factor here!

But when all these reasons don’t drive me to sit at my laptop and write these lines, what is it all about?


I have found over time what my passion in life is about: health and happiness, plant based delicious cooking, conscious living and sharing the things I learn about these topics with other people and adding some value to their lives.

As simple as that.

So let the wonderful journey begin!

Sincerely yours, Anu.

P.S.: Leave a comment below and tell me what your expectations are from this blog.


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